Grade 5


Ms. Williams, Team Leader  (Room Parents: Julie Huang; Christine Pereira)

Ms. Fisher  (Room Parent: Amandis Hnarkis)

Ms. Gainer-Lee  (Room Parent: Purvi Desai)

Ms. Otte  (Room Parents: Maria Mikitka; Celeste Lombardi)

Mrs. Weathers  (Room Parent: Coretta Bennett)

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Important Events/Projects

1st Quarter

  • Halloween Parade and Party
  • 1st Quarter Project

2nd Quarter

  • Holiday Activities Rotation/Holiday Party
  • Spelling Bee
  • 2nd Quarter Project

3rd Quarter

  • Valentine’s Day Parties
  • Puberty Education
  • MSA Science Testing
  • Start SCH (Simulated Congressional Hearings)
  • Poetry Contest
  • Middle School Visits
  • Philly Field Trip

4th Quarter

Simulated Congressional Hearing Banner

Simulated Congressional Hearing Banner

  • SCH
  • Field Day
  • 4th Quarter project TBD
  • KFC/Promotion Practice
  • KFC
  • Promotion (Graduation)
  • Kickball Game
  • Fifth Grade Party

Homework Notes