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Halloween Parade & Celebration

Fulton Elementary School Halloween Parade, Party and Alternate Activity

We will celebrate Halloween at FES on October 28, 2016. We will also have an alternate party for those students who do not celebrate Halloween.  

Our parade begins at 2:30pm followed by a small classroom party.

The parade route will be different from last year so we can accommodate our growing school.  The parade will be held in the back of our school in the field area and we ask that all spectators sign in and receive a badge and go to the field area to watch the parade.  (See the attached map for spectator area) Students will walk around the parade route once and then go back to their classrooms for our post Halloween activity.    

Parents attending the parade should go directly out to the parade “sign in table” to receive a badge.  The “sign in” tables will be labeled along with the parade route on the attached map. Parents who are entering the building to attend the post parade celebration must sign in and wear a visitor’s badge.  

All parents including room parents will not be permitted back into the building until all students are safely back in their classrooms following the parade.  If you are sending in a donation for the classroom parties, please be sure that these items are dropped off before the celebration.

Students should not attend school in their Halloween costume but can wear parts of the costume to school.  All costumes must follow the dress code of HCPSS Board of Education.  No weapons of any kind can be brought into school.  No scary, inappropriate costumes and no masks or face coverings that inhibit the vision of a student will be permitted. No clown costumes permitted this year for students and adults. Make up and hair dye cannot be applied at school.  

In the event of inclement weather, our parade will be canceled and we will not be able to reschedule it, however our Halloween party will go on as scheduled.  We look forward to our wonderful parade and celebrating Halloween this year!  

Due to religious, cultural, or personal beliefs, not all families participate in our Halloween celebration. As a result we offer an alternate non-Halloween activity. If your child is not participating in Halloween, please complete the attached form and send it back to school so that we can plan for the number of students that we have for our alternate activity.  

Update Fulton Elementary School
Halloween Information

In the past several weeks a social media message that threatens harm to students in schools has spread across the United States.  The message, known as, “The Creepy Clown Threat,” is a national hoax where a message is posted on multiple social media sites from a “clown” that threatens to harm people within schools.

 This hoax has now reached schools within Maryland.  The HCPSS is working with the Howard County Police Department to ensure that any threat is taken seriously and investigated thoroughly.  The HCPSS utilizes a threat management process to determine appropriate actions when a threat is received. The safety of our students is our top priority. Please take this opportunity to encourage your child to immediately contact any adult in his/her school if he/she has any safety concerns.

Due to this unfortunate circumstance, we are not permitting students or adults to wear a clown costume on school property during our Halloween celebration.