Fulton Students at the Bus Stop on the First Day of School

Fulton Students at the Bus Stop on the First Day of School

Fulton Elementary PTA would like to welcome all new and returning families to our school community for the school year.  Our PTA strives to create programs and provide services that enrich our children’s lives, engage our families, support our teachers and help our community by providing academic enrichment activities for our children such as Space Day, Bay Day, International Night and various cultural arts speakers, not to mention various other family/school activities such as the Fall Festival and Grandparents and Special Friends Day.  The PTA also services Fulton’s staff by providing reimbursement for classroom supplies/activities and supporting Staff Appreciation week. 

We are able to provide all this through the following:

Annual PTA Membership Dues

The annual PTA membership is $20 per family. Select the link to download a form or select the "Buy Now" button below to pay for the membership using PayPal.

Fulton Elementary School PTA Membership Form 2016-2017 (pdf)

Adult Name 1 & Adult Name 2
Youngest Child Name / Teacher

Direct Donations - Falcon Patrons

As we continue to support our outstanding instructional programs, teachers, students, staff, parents, and community, we will need to raise approximately $65 per student at Fulton Elementary this year.  To meet this goal, the FES PTA sponsors several fundraisers throughout the year.  We encourage parents and guardians to participate; however, we realize that many of you would prefer a more direct way to support the PTA.  The Falcon Patron program is a direct fundraising alternative that allows anyone to make a direct, tax deductible donation to the FES PTA.

By participating in the Falcon Patron program you can send a strong message to the community that you support our efforts to sustain an exceptional instructional program and provide support to the superb staff.  Your donation is TAX DEDUCTIBLE.  Please consider a contribution in any amount that is comfortable for your family budget.  

Select the link to download a form or you can make a direct donation online using PayPal by selecting the "Donate" button.

Fulton Elementary School PTA Direct Donation (Falcon Patron) Form 2016-2017 (pdf)

Please note:  The Falcon Booster Program is a fundraising alternative and does not replace your annual PTA dues.  Nor does it discourage the participation in other activities.

**The FES PTA is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization**

Tax ID Number 52 2043378