Dear Volunteers,

Thank you all for volunteering your time to help out at Fulton's 5th Annual Turkey Trot! This event cannot go on without your help and support!! Below is a map of the course, I labeled the spots that the volunteers will be standing to help cheer and direct the students as they run. On the day of the Turkey Trot there will be cones out on the course to show you where to stand. I will also have hard copies of the map for you when you come to the gym. 

Turkey Trot Course Map (pdf)

I wanted to give you an overview of what the day will look like when you come to volunteer. Please try to arrive 10-15 minutes before your shift starts so you have plenty of time to get signed in, to enjoy the breakfast and coffee bar, and to find out about your specific job. 

When you arrive, you will need to sign-in at the front office before coming to the gym. Our school is using "Lobby Guard" to sign visitors in, so you will need your drivers license when you come. Once you are signed in, come over to the gym and check in with me (Katie Howell-PE Teacher...I will most likely have a clipboard in my hands and I will be somewhere in the gym or walking around outside close to the gym!) When you check in with me I will be able to tell you exactly where you will need to go and what you will need to do. Checking in with me also helps me out so I know how many volunteers I actually have for each grade level!

If you signed up to be a course marshall:
You will be standing out on the course, where one of the cones are labeled on the map. You will cheer the students on as they run/jog/walk around the course. There will be one adult that will be the designated "Last person" so you will know when the run is over so that you can come back to the gym and enjoy some coffee, light snacks and hear the kids sign festive songs!! I will also have one/two volunteers at the finish line to help pass out lap counters and/or tickets.

If you signed up to be a runner:
You will be running along with the students, encouraging them and making sure they are safe and going the correct way! One of the runners will be the designated "last person" so everyone knows when the run is done. I will spray a white line in the grass and I will mark the sidewalks with chalk to make it VERY clear where the Turkey Trot course goes! *Please note - Lime Kiln middle school is also doing a Turkey Trot on Monday only, and they used yellow paint in the grass. When the run is over you can come back to the gym and enjoy some coffee, light snacks and hear the kids sign festive songs!! 

**New this year--we are giving students in Grades 3-5 the choice to either do the entire course 2 times, or stop after 1 lap. If they finish the first lap before the cut-off time (20 minutes) then they can choose to do the course again, which will earn them 2 tickets, OR they can stop after the first lap and receive 1 ticket. The tickets they get at the finish line are all random numbers, regardless of how many laps they complete or in what place they finish. 

***PLEASE NOTE - There is NO RAIN DATE for the Turkey Trot. I will make the decision as early as possible on Monday and Tuesday morning and an email alert will be sent out to families with any updates or cancellations. If we need to cancel one or both days, it will NOT get rescheduled.

Once again THANK YOU so much for volunteering to help at this event! The students at Fulton love to show our community and families that we have healthy AND caring hearts! This event can not happen without your support, so thank you!!!!!! Have a great weekend and I look forward to seeing you on Monday and/or Tuesday!


Katie Howell
Physical Education Teacher
Fulton Elementary School